Alter Jessie Mann Ego

by Dj Hellblazer

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"When Urban Vault asked me to release an exclusive EP, I had to choose this project dedicated to one of my favorite artists of all time, Jessie Mann ( ). I discovered her when I was releasing 'Pure Dopeness' vol.2 : I needed a cover and I accidentally found a famous portrait of Jessie as a child by her mother Sally Mann ( Here you can download 'Pure Dopeness' vol.2 with that photograph as artwork for the project :
In that classic photo, she is holding a fake, candy cigarette. Jessie is wearing a simple white dress and a watch on her right wrist. The look on Jessie's face, her posture and the way her long, blonde hair is parted on the side makes her look very much like an adult in this photograph. She is standing up with her right arm tucked under her left arm. The way she's holding the cigarette resembles how an adult would hold it. She also has this blank look on her face, as if she's staring straight through the person who is looking at her in the photograph...That particular blank look is what caught my eye. It was familiar to me. Everyone has that look sometimes. It's universal. And raw. That's why i can easily identify my music with Jessie Mann. She is my alter ego in music. Her paintings illustrate perfectly my music. "I see painting as a lifelong experimentation into the nature of perception and reality. My interest in painting feels more scientific than anything". says Mann to describe her Art. I can describe my music in the same way : A unique musical reflection of reality and my perception of it. Beat-making is a new form of Art that emerged from the 80's, just like Jessie Mann born in 1981 and myself in 1982. I am a child of the 80's, and i was born in South Eastern Europe. I had Jessie Mann's blank look when i had to leave my country at the age of 5, because my father Jordan Plevnes was a revolutionary poet and writer who was a fervent opponent to the communist totalitarian government of the late 80's in Yugoslavia. We moved to Paris, France. I was lucky. My father was just like Sally Mann was with Jessie, he always inspired himself with me as a child and he does inspire me now that I am an artist. The candy cigarette photo represents that link I have with my revolutionary father. It is the source of my inspiration in music and in life in general. Jessie Mann represents that source in my mind. Her beauty and the power of her blank look are the alter ego of the aesthetic of my music".

"Thank you Jessie and Sally Mann, I dedicate this work to both of you. You both inspired me so much, I had to make this". - Konstantin Plevnes (DJ Hellblazer)


released July 2, 2013

Photo by Len Prince with Jessie Mann. All rights reserved to Len Prince and Jessie Mann.
Cover Artwork: Vault Master G (e-mail for details)



all rights reserved